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Writing a resume with punch is the key to success in your career search – learn how here!
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Writing a resume with punch is the key to success in your career search – learn how here!

Writing a resume that sizzles is the key to a successful career search. But just writing a resume at all is intimidating to most people, let alone one that dazzles! Do not fear, by following a few easy steps, you can be on your way to writing a resume that will catch the prospective employer’s attention and help you find the employment you are seeking!

Before writing a resume, you first need to focus on what you would like to accomplish in your career search. Find job descriptions from employment web sites or your local classifieds for the kinds of jobs you are interested in to see what types of skills employers in your field are looking for. By noting these expected qualifications before you start writing, you can use them during your writing to make sure that your resume addresses them.

Now you are ready to begin writing a resume that will help your career search. Include any information that shows that you are right for the job, but make sure you focus on the skills you noted in the previous step. Separate your information into sections using headings followed by bulleted lists. Common resume headings are: Objective or Qualifications Summary, Accomplishments, Special Skills, Professional Experience, Education and Training. If you are writing your first resume, it may be helpful to look at some samples from your field.

Writing a resume that catches employers’ attention is an easy way to succeed in your career search!

The last step in writing a resume that will impress your career search targets is to carefully check your work. It is important that your resume looks appealing at first glance, otherwise a hiring manager will put it in the rejection stack without even being read. Make sure your resume is easy to follow and easy to read. Does it look neat? Did you use enough white space to separate different sections? Did you spell everything correctly? Have a friend or colleague look at and tell you what they think.

Writing a resume can be one of the hardest steps in a career search, but it is important that you just get started and do it. With the help of the preceding tips, you should have a good general idea of how to create your resume. If you make sure to keep your target audience in mind, highlight your skills and employment history in appropriate sections, and the carefully check your work, you are sure to end up with a winning resume that will get the phone ringing with interview opportunities!

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