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Writing a cover letter that supports your resume is a job search must!
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Writing a cover letter that supports your resume is a job search must!

Writing a cover letter for each resume you send during your job search is a must. Even if a potential employer does not ask for one, a cover letter is always expected. It is a chance for you to draw attention to your best employment accomplishments and differentiate yourself from other candidates. Although writing a cover letter might sound like extra work, read on to see how a cover letter that compliments your resume will propel your job search forward!

When it comes to writing a cover letter that will support your resume, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, during your job search you need to make sure that you send a cover letter with every resume. This is very important - you can't take a short cut if you are serious about finding employment. Although some people might get hired without sending a cover letter, your chances at getting an interview diminish if you fail to send a cover letter with each resume.

Second, writing a cover letter that fits the look of your resume is also important for your job search. You should use the same type of fonts, paper, ink and printer for both your cover letter and resume. This attention to detail will make your employment package more pleasing and will make a more favorable impression on any hiring manager.

Third, try writing a cover letter that includes only the top highlights from your resume. Don't go into too much detail on your letter about any one accomplishment, just provide a few short, to-the-point descriptions that show what you can do for the prospective employer. This will help you secure an interview over someone who sends a letter that goes too in-depth or covers too many topics.

Writing a cover letter will help your job search by getting employers to read your resume.

On that same note, when writing a cover letter avoid adding accomplishments that are not on your resume. Just because your are sending a letter doesn't mean that it will be read. Don't include anything that is not also on your resume for a successful job search.

Lastly when writing a cover letter make sure you address it to the specific person in charge of the hiring process. Sending a generic cover letter or resume is a common mistake among novice job search candidates and other career seekers. While it may save a little time in the short run, hiring managers tend to ignore letters addressed "To Whom It May Concern," or "Dear Sir or Madam."

The tips listed above should help you get started in writing a cover letter that will compliment and support your resume. The cover letter is an important part of your job search and you need to spend time on it. If you find yourself getting stuck or just don't feel like you have the time to craft a winning letter, there are many career and employment websites that offer cover letter and resume writing services. They will be able to provide the help you need to have a successful job search!

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