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Work from home scams: Avoid these stay at home jobs if you want to make money!
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Work from home scams: Avoid these stay at home jobs if you want to make money!

Not all work at home opportunities deliver on what they promise, states the Federal Trade Commission. They have found many ads for stay at home jobs are misleading; they promise that you will make money, but fail to advertise the fact that you may have to work many unpaid hours, have large start-up costs or need to buy extra “services” and “products” from the advertiser before you take part. While many work at home advertisements offering stay at home jobs to make money are legitimate, you need to be on the lookout for scams.

On the FTC’s website, they list three classic work at home schemes: medical billing, envelope stuffing and assembly or craft work. Although these stay at home jobs can help people make money by producing an extra income, many advertisements fail to mention any of the down sides for these careers. For example, many medical billing programs require a lot of hard selling and cold calling to find clients. Most envelope stuffing schemes require you to place an “envelope stuffing” ad of your own. Many assembly jobs require you to buy hundreds of dollars in equipment and supplies before you can start. Be cautious of any ads that promise you will make lots of money without much effort and in a short time – these employment opportunities are probably too good to be true.

Not all work from home and stay at home jobs deliver; some mislead about how you will make money.

Companies offering legitimate work at home opportunities should be able to tell you in writing exactly what their stay at home jobs entail. This includes how you will make money, what tasks you will have to do, when you will be paid and any costs involved such as supplies and fees. They should also be able to provide you with a long list of employment references that you can call to check out the company. Beware if they only provide pre-written testimonials or a few reference names since these could be fake.

There are also other ways to check out any work from home or stay at home jobs. You can check the Better Business Bureau in both your area and where the company is located. Your state’s Attorney General’s office is another place to check. You can also search for the company on the Internet to see if they appear on any consumer protection websites. Even if you don’t find any complaints, it doesn’t necessarily mean the company is okay – they could have changed their names or settled any complaints to avoid detection. So as with any employment decision, be careful and use your common sense.

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