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Work at home jobs or a home based business - which is the best way for you to make money?
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Work at home jobs or a home based business - which is the best way for you to make money?

In these times of economic slowdown, many people are turning their thoughts to work at home or home based business opportunities as a way to make money. Whether by choice or by force, people are searching for ways to turn their hobbies into bona fide employment opportunities. But which is right for you – a work at home job or a home based business? Most people believe these two concepts to mean the same thing, but there are actually big differences between the two that you will need to know if you expect to make money from them.

In a nutshell, a work at home job is one where you are employed by an employer to do your work from home, whereas a home based business allows you to be your own boss while working from home. While both offer multiple ways to make money, each one offers different advantages and disadvantages.

A work at home job comes with its own boss. A home based business allows you to be the boss!

If you work at home, then your boss is going to want to know what you are doing and when. He or she will give you your assignments along with their deadlines. They will want progress reports and frequent updates. If you don’t do these things, you will probably end up fired just like at a regular job. In a home based business you are your own boss: you decide your assignments, set their deadlines and only report to yourself. If you fail to get things done on time, you won’t be fired, but your business will not succeed. If you want to make money, you need to figure out which type of employment or career path is best for you.

Someone who needs supervision to make sure they stay on track may be better suited for a work at home job rather than a home based business as a way to make money. This will give them the chance to work from home without having to be the creative entrepreneur. Someone else will decide what they do and when they are to do it. This offers less flexibility, but is a little safer for someone who is not committed to starting their own business.

However, if a work at home job where you report to someone sounds too restrictive, you might consider a home based business as a way to make money instead. This career path is harder to follow since you must be very self-motivated and self-disciplined. Succeeding with a home business can take a long time and most people experience multiple failures before they attain success. For those that stick with it, success can bring riches and freedom that allows them to live the life they have always dreamed of – something you can’t usually get from a traditional work at home job.

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