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A unique ‘tech jobs’ service allows you to broaden your career search and get more interviews!
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A unique ‘tech jobs’ service allows you to broaden your career search and get more interviews!

Type tech jobs into Google and you will get over 10 million sites offering you their career search services. Is this really what you need? How can you get any interviews if you are spending all your time researching, signing up for, and then posting your resume to all these sites? Even posting your resume to just the top 20 tech jobs search engines will eat up a bunch of your career search time with mindless data-entry. And even then, are you guaranteed of getting called for interviews by employers and headhunters? The answer is “No.” But what if you could post to all these sites in a fraction of the time and without all the hassle? can find tech jobs while you focus on other facets of your career search. This saves you time and nets you more interviews! can post your resume to sites offering tech jobs while you work on other career search tasks. This service can save you time and energy - getting you more interviews in the long run! By filling in one job search form, you can choose to post your resume and job search preferences to up to 105 major employment websites, including 14 tech-specific sites. This allows employers and headhunters to search for you while you are doing other things. Better still, if you don’t have a resume to send, their site has a free resume builder that you can use to create one, saving you still more time! So why waste your precious time entering the same data over and over again on various tech job search engines when you could employ someone else to do this tedious, mind-numbing work for you? Get the Rabbit working for you instead!

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