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Stay at home jobs should not cost money – your employment should make money!
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Stay at home jobs should not cost money – your employment should make money!

Stay at home jobs should offer steady employment where you can make money – not cost you money! The idea that it’s okay to pay for stay at home jobs is based on confusing stay at home jobs with home businesses, but most sites on the Internet do not distinguish between the two. A job where you work from home traditionally means an employment opportunity, offered by an employer, where one can work from home while remaining on the company payroll. These are real career opportunities so you will need to possess certain skills and have a resume to back them up. On the other hand, a home business is a form of self employment where you are the boss and only make money from your own efforts.

Stay at home jobs offer traditional employment where you make money by working for an employer.

Using this definition, stay at home jobs should not cost you money! Legitimate companies offering work from home employment opportunities (also called telecommuting) will never ask you for money – not for an application, software, supplies – nothing. You should make money by working for an employer, not the other way around. So watch out for scams where an employer asks you to pay them for something. They are likely selling information on a home business or recruiting you for a network marketing program. This does not mean that they are scams, but neither are they employers looking to hire employees to work from home.

Stay at home jobs are good for people who already have employment or have a career that has the potential to make money while working from home. Jobs like telemarketing, customer service, data entry and bookkeeping are all examples of jobs that would be suited to working from home. They do not require the employee to be in the office to be successful. If you work from home, your employer will take care of your taxes, insurance and benefits, but you will still have a boss who sets your assignments and schedule.

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