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Staffing services offer a variety of recruitment solutions to overworked human resources departments.
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Staffing services offer a variety of recruitment solutions to overworked human resources departments.

The staffing services industry provides a wide variety of recruitment and human resources solutions to both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. Whether they need staffing services to help in recruitment of temporary workers or in the placement of permanent employees, human resources departments worldwide can depend on these helpful agencies.

Companies offering staffing services have the capacity and resources to help any business with their recruitment and human resources needs. In 2003 alone, the staffing industry produced over $62 billion in revenue, $56 billion coming from temporary help services and $6 billion from permanent placement services, according to the American Staffing Association (ASA). Over 90% of companies use temporary help services, and they employ over 2 million job hunters each day.

Over 90% of companies use staffing services to satisfy recruitment and human resources needs.

Staffing services are fast becoming favored recruitment solutions for both human resources and job hunters alike. The average daily employment figures for the staffing industry have increased about 10% per year over the last seven years. This growth can be attributed to the fact that more workers are looking for flexibility in their careers. Meanwhile, companies are taking advantage of this shift toward flexibility by offering more temporary employment opportunities to help them stay fully staffed during special projects or peak workloads.

Staffing agencies offer a wide variety of staffing services including recruitment and placement, human resources consulting, temporary and contract staffing, permanent placement, temporary-to-permanent placement, training, and outsourcing. Many also offer PEO arrangements where they can take over payroll, benefit tracking and other functions for the client company. This wide variety of services gives companies a wealth of staffing resources they can use to attract qualified job hunters to fill their employment needs.

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