Staffing solutions to help human resources fill job openings: How to find temporary staff.
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Staffing solutions to help human resources fill job openings: How to find temporary staff.

Short-term staffing can help human resources personnel fill immediate job openings quickly and cheaply. It’s no secret that employers across the country are taking drastic cost-cutting measures in order to maintain their companies’ financial stability. With a still-slumping economy and staffing costs on the rise (costs to attract, retain and develop staff), more and more human resources departments are turning to temporary staffing as an effective short-term solution to filling immediate job openings.

There are several ways that employers can find temporary staffing solutions. Many are very similar to the ways most human resources departments attempt to fill permanent job openings, while others are more specific to finding temporary staff.

Temporary staffing methods are similar to permanent staffing methods already in use by human resources when filling job openings.

One staffing method human resources can use to fill temporary job openings is to search the Internet for help. Many freelancers, consultants, and independent contractors have employment websites where they advertise their services. Companies can find many qualified part-time or short-term staff by just looking at these types of career websites. Many sites include the contractor’s resume or a biography that outlines their experience and their future goals.

An easier staffing method human resources can use to fill job openings is to advertise the position just like they would a permanent opening. This will usually yield a large number of resume submissions from candidates who are actively searching for employment. Many of these job seekers will be able to start right away, but are probably hoping for a more permanent position down the line and may leave if they find one elsewhere.

A third method would be to contact a temporary staffing agency. These agencies specialize in working with a company’s human resources to fill their short-term job openings. Many agencies offer a wide variety of services including temporary and contract staffing, permanent placement, temporary-to-permanent placement, recruitment and placement, outsourcing, training and human resources consulting. Many also offer PEO arrangements where they can take over payroll, benefit tracking and other functions for the client company. This wide variety of services gives companies a wealth of staffing resources they can use to attract qualified job hunters to fill their employment needs.

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