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Senior executive resume writing tips that will get you more interviews!
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Senior executive resume writing tips that will get you more interviews!

Using senior executive resume writing tips is one way you can ensure more interviews during your job search. Writing an executive resume can be a tough process. As an executive, you have accomplished so much that it is difficult to prioritize and explain your extensive employment record in a clear, concise manner. But that is exactly what recruiters and employers expect from senior executive resume writing - they want to see a carefully crafted marketing tool. So if you are interested in getting more interviews with less effort, your resume needs to incorporate the following resume writing tips.

When it comes to senior executive resume writing, your title and past company affiliations are not enough to secure interviews on their own anymore. Past are the days when a title like CEO, CFO or President meant you were automatically qualified to run a profitable business. Recruiters and employers today are looking for quantified accomplishments based on your past employment record.

One trademark of senior executive resume writing is the "Career Accomplishments" section and no other part of an executive resume results in more interviews. Placed at the top of the first page, employment achievements are listed in a bulleted list. These achievements should be quantified in terms of percentage, dollar figure and time period to showcase bottom-line results. This is what hiring managers want to see from job search candidates.

Senior executive resume writing includes listing quantified accomplishments to secure more interviews.

When engaged in senior executive resume writing, you also need to provide a detailed employment history if you want to get interviews. Due to the complex and extensive nature of an executive's career history, recruiters and hiring firms want to see a full account. Make sure you focus each job history on a record of profitability, productivity and leadership.

With this in mind, it is not unusual for senior executive resume writing to produce a resume of two, three or even four pages in length. A long resume will not hurt your chances at getting interviews, however. Recruiters and employers expect this level of detail from an executive resume. They are spending thousands of dollars searching for the best candidate and will take the time to read a thorough resume no matter the length.

Senior executive resume writing can be a time consuming process, but any executive with a commitment to success knows the importance of creating a good first impression. Your resume is your key to getting interviews and employment offers. If you approach your job search as an important marketing campaign, then your resume becomes your major piece of advertising. Taking the time to create and polish this document will be well worth the effort.

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