Resumes based on job listings will get you the interview instead of the competition!
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Resumes based on job listings will get you the interview, instead of the competition!

Writing resumes based on the job listings you are applying for increase your chances of getting an interview. This is just a simple career search fact, but most of your competition doesn’t know it. In order for the resumes you write to have the greatest impact, they need to be written with the actual job listings in mind, otherwise you will probably get passed over and won’t be considered for an interview.

Resumes based on job listings will catch the hiring manager’s eye and be considered for an interview over ones that don’t. Research shows your resume only has about 10 to 15 seconds to impress an employer before they make a decision about it. One where the highlighted skills and experience are based on the actual job description will stand out. This is key to a successful career search and will lead to many more employment opportunities.

Resumes focused on job listings are well worth the effort when you get called to interview!

Creating resumes focused on job listings is easy and well worth it when you get called to interview. All it takes is just a little research on your part. You need to know your target and what they want, so your first step is to search job postings for the kinds of occupations you are considering. The Internet is a great place to find these. As you look, note the qualifications and skills that are needed for the employment opportunities that catch your eye. Then, tailor your resume for each position you would like to apply for. This will make your career search much more effective.

The closer your resumes match the job listings you’re applying to, the better your chances to get that interview. With just a little effort to focus on the needs of the employer, you can beat out many other people who may have better credentials. This is true for all occupations and employment opportunities. Give it a try and you will see your career search become much more successful!

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