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How to choose resume writers that will get you interviews and help your job search
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How to choose resume writers that will get you interviews and help your job search

Resume writers can help you write an effective resume that will get you interviews during your job search at an affordable price. But there are so many resume writers out there to choose from, how do you know which one will be right for you? Obviously you can look at price, but price alone won't tell you if their resume will get you an interview. When looking at resume writers, you need to consider their qualifications, reputation, products and policies. Only then will you get a good overall picture of how their resumes may be able to get you an interview for your jobs search.

First, you should only look at resume writers who are certified professionals in your specific field of employment. If you want to interview for marketing positions, you need a writer who has had experience in the field of marketing. If your job search is specifically for IT careers, then you need an IT specialist. Specialized writers can help you find the employment you desire because they know the field inside and out.

Next, you should consider resume writers that have a good reputation in the job search world. Highly regarded writers will be able to write a resume, cv or cover letter that will get you called to interview much easier and quicker than less reputable writers. To get an idea of their reputation just look at who their partners are or what awards they have won - this can usually be found right on the writing service's webpage.

Choose qualified, professional resume writers if you want interviews during your job search!

The price resume writers charge for their services are usually based on your level of experience: entry, professional or executive. Although you should consider price, it is not advised to just choose the cheapest resume writers you can find. If you want interviews during your job search, then your resume and cover letter need to be of the best quality, not just the cheapest.

Typical prices charged by top resume writers:

  • Entry Level / Student: $120 - $140
  • Professional: $150 - $170
  • Executive: $225 - $245

As you can see, the prices charged by resume writers do not vary by too much. You can find much cheaper prices, but you need to be very careful of what you buy. The prices quoted above were from services that include web resumes, electronic resumes, one-on-one consultation and a satisfaction guarantee. These "extras" make the service much more valuable than a cut-rate service that only provides a hard copy of your final resume or cover letter.

When looking for resume writers to help you secure an interview during your job search, be sure to look at more than just price. The best resume writers are certified professionals specialized in your field of employment and employed by a reputable firm. They should be able to help you with your resume, cv or cover letter and provide extra services such as a web resume and an electronic resume, that bargain writers usually can't match!

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