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Learn how resume samples can help you find employment and advance your career!
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Learn how resume samples can help you find employment and advance your career!

Looking at resume samples on the Internet has become a big part of many employment seekers career search.  But do all these people even know what they are looking at or how they should be using these examples in their job search? Sadly, most do not. They think resume samples are a substitute for original resumes, instead of just another set of employment tools to be used as part of a larger career search strategy.

One solid reason to use resume samples is to get ideas of what type of format are used in different employment or career categories. For example, someone in the middle of a job search for a sales position should not be looking at teacher resumes. This might seem obvious at first glance, but some people think a resume is a resume is a resume, and go on to copy the wrong format. This is poor training in how to write a resume and their salary will most likely suffer because of this common mistake!

Resume samples can streamline your employment search by defining the format suitable for your career field.

Resume samples will have different formats depending on the career field or type of employment they were written for. Most traditional occupations still use the chronological format, while more progressive fields are using the functional style. Looking at multiple examples can give you a good idea of which style is most appropriate for your specific job search.

One last note: the resume samples you choose to look at should have been written by professional resume writers. There are a lot of employment related sites claiming to have good examples, but unprofessional samples will not help your job search as much as you would hope since they may be outdated, outmoded, or just out of touch with the realities of the world of resume writing. Professional resume writers have gone through resume-specific training and professionally written resumes have been used to net candidates a very nice salary.

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