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Start with a resume outline if you want to get the employment opportunities you desire!
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Start with a resume outline if you want to get the employment opportunities you desire!

A great resume outline is the best way to start your employment search. Almost all employers these days will require you to have a resume that lists past job descriptions, your career plans, education, and other details. However, you can't just show up with any old resume if you want to get an interview! It needs to be well thought out, visually appealing, and able to catch an employer's eye. That is why a resume outline is key to your employment search!

To begin your resume outline, you should gather all your employment related data together in one place. You should think back to all your work experiences, including dates held, titles, and job descriptions. Don't forget to note any important skills you learned, awards received, or accomplishments achieved while you were on the job. Also, be sure to write down any education or career training you have completed.

A great resume outline starts with a list of your past employment data.

The next step for your resume outline will be to choose a format for how you will organize all your employment information. The most common is the reverse-chronological resume format. To create this type of resume, organize all your pertinent information,  chronologically starting with the most recent first, under the following major headings:

  • Objective (or) Qualifications Summary
  • Professional History
  • Education and Training

Once you have your resume outline filled in to this point, you are almost ready to being your employment search. Now you need to format your outline so that it will look good to an employer. Check some example resumes for ideas on how to make each section look uniform, but make sure that you evenly space them and use a nice looking font like Times New Roman or Ariel in 11pt (more artistic fonts usually get rejected out of hand because they are too hard to read). Last, make sure that there are absolutely no errors; nothing will reflect more poorly on you than misspelled words or simple grammar mistakes, so check and double-check your writing.

Using a resume outline to organize your employment information will help you write a concise, well thought out resume that will impress your future employers. This will land you more interviews than other candidates who didn't put as much thought into planning their resume. Your resume will be your number one job hunting tool, so make sure it is well written!

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