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Resume objectives are going out of style – don’t allow your career search go out of style, too!
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Resume objectives are going out of style – don’t allow your career search go out of style, too!

Using resume objectives used to be a very traditional section in a resume one would use as part of their career search. Now, however, more and more job hunters are using a qualifications summary to start their resume or curriculum vitae. This means resume objectives are quickly going out of style – don’t let your career search go out of style, too!

In the past, resume objectives were basically used during a career search to indicate the type of employment a job seeker was looking for. It normally appeared at the beginning of the resume and was used to indicate that the candidate had a goal in mind and the initiative to share that goal.

Resume objectives are becoming outdated career search tools, however. Many hiring managers see them as too focused on what the job seeker wants, instead of what they have to offer a prospective employer. So now many employers, headhunters, and employment agencies alike are counseling people to use a qualifications summary instead.

Resume objectives are too focused on what you want from your career search. You need to think of the employer instead!

As resume objectives go out of style, qualifications summaries are fast replacing them as the career search norm. A qualifications summary consists of several concise statements that focus on the most important employment information, abilities, and accomplishments the candidate brings to the table. This should be in the form of a short paragraph (leaving out all personal pronouns like I, me, you, etc, and all other non-essential words). It should be the first section of the resume because it might just be the only section actually read by the prospective employer! It should focus on specific examples of what you can do for the employer and indicate past performance with specific accomplishments.

Although resume objectives are being used much less in most modern resumes, they can still be a good choice for people whose career search includes very traditional fields, people who are changing careers, students without job experience, or people using curriculum vitae. If you are don't know which would be right for you, objective or summary, you could write just a qualifications summary and include your career path as part of it. Whichever you choose, make sure it will grab your reader’s attention and you can’t go wrong!

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