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Resume Maker will help you with your resume and cover letter – but watch out for the bugs!
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Resume Maker will help you with your resume and cover letter – but watch out for the bugs!

Resume Maker is one of the most popular resume and cover letter software available. Not only does it help you with your writing, it provides practice interview questions and direct links to some of the biggest career search sites on the Internet. But like with any software, be on the lookout for the bugs!

Resume Maker will help you write a killer resume and cover letter. You can search from thousands of samples prepared by experts, cut and paste recommended phrases and descriptive action verbs, and then put it all together into one of their many attractive templates. The software also provides video clips demonstrating the best responses to tough interview questions, tools that allow you to post your resume to multiple career web sites, and will even publish your completed resume as a live web page! Many users describe the software as intuitive and easy to use.

Resume Maker can make writing a resume or cover letter a snap!

Although Resume Maker contains all these wonderful resume, cover letter, and career search features, it is important to note that some users have been less than satisfied. There have been reports of bugs in the program that can cause you to loss your work or even cause your computer to crash. Other users have complained about not being able to import resumes from Microsoft Word into Resume Maker. These are just a few things to be aware of before purchasing a copy of this software.

If Resume Maker sounds like a winning way to write your resume or cover letter, you can download a copy from the Internet or pick up a copy from your local computer store (note: it’s been reported that the video tutorials are not available in the downloaded version). If you are not convinced that this software is for you but would still like some help, you should consider enrolling with a resume writing service. Their trained professionals will give create a great resume tailored specifically to you, as well as live, one-on-one help. Whether you decide on Resume Maker or a live service, getting help with your resume is a worth-while investment in both you and your career search!

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