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Resume Forms: A new trend in employment that you can use to your benefit - if you know how!
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Resume Forms: A new trend in employment that you can use to your benefit - if you know how!

Resume forms are fast becoming a favorite employment tool by job search engines and human resources departments alike. Have you ever checked out a company's job-opening web page, or tried to post to a job search engine and were asked to fill in their page of resume forms before you could be considered for employment? Chances are you have, or if not yet, you soon will be - but be aware that these innocent looking forms are employers' front-line of defense in their search for a candidate!

As more employers use the Internet to fill openings, resume forms are fast becoming the norm in their search for employment candidates. But since they catch many career seekers off-guard at a time when they are usually just researching positions, many people fill them out on the spot and without much thought. This is a sure way to kill your chances for that particular position, and maybe even your chances with that employer!

Resume forms are just as important as a resume - take your time if you want the employment!

Although resume forms may seem informal at fist glance, filling them out correctly and with care is very important to your employment search. Why? Because human resources personnel use them to 'weed-out' potential candidates just like they use regular resumes. Most job hunters spend countless hours perfecting and tailoring their resumes, but then spend less than 20 minutes filling out an online resume form! They don't realize that there is another way.

You need to take your time with resume forms if you are serious about the employment opportunity offered. Whether it's from a company's web site or off the job search engines, just print the page out instead of completing it online. Then treat it just like any other career application by researching the company, discovering the qualifications they are looking for, and crafting your answers to that you will appear to be the best candidate for the job. Then, go back online and fill out the form with your well-crafted answers. It's just that easy!

Most of your competitors will continue filling out resume forms for employment on the spot. That is great news for you! By taking your time and completing them carefully, you will get called for the interview over other candidates who may be better qualified. So next time you come across an online resume form, don't fill it out right away - take your time! The time you take to do a better job on the form may just get you the job you want!

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