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Writing a resume cover letter can make or break your job search. Get the interview with these easy tips!
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Writing a resume cover letter can make or break your job search. Get the interview with these easy tips!

The resume cover letter is a very important part of your job search. If you really want an interview with the company you are applying to, then you need to send one with every resume. Look at it as another way you can show off your employment record and prove that you are the one for the job. So even if the prospective employer or the classifieds ad did not specifically mention a resume cover letter, it is expected that you will send one. Many people fail to do this during their job search and then wonder why they never get called for an interview!

You should tailor your resume cover letter to each company. This is key to your job search if you want to be considered for an interview. Just like you should have tailored your resume to the specific opening, you should tailor your resume cover letter to the specific company. Many employers see it as a sign of laziness if an applicant fails to take this step. During your research, make sure to find out details pertinent to the opening or the account you are applying for, and then work some of those details into your letter to show you know something about the company. Also, try to find out the name of the person who will be making the hiring decision and address your letter specifically to them (letters sent to HR tend to get low priority).

A tailored resume cover letter will greatly enhance your job search and interview chances!

The point of using a resume cover letter in your job search is to convince the reader that they should call you for an interview. The first paragraph should grab their attention in some way. Identifying the mutual contact that recommended the position to you (if there was one) or making a bold statement about why they will want to talk to you are two ways you could start. Then, the body should quickly and succinctly outline what you want and why you should get it. Highlight a couple of specific achievements you have accomplished in the past and explain why they prove you are the right person for the job. One or two specific, concrete examples work best. Close by telling them what you will do next to follow up: “I will call you next week to set up an interview.” Do not just tell them that you will wait to hear from them – do that and you can look forward to waiting forever!

These are just a few tips you should follow when writing your resume cover letter. If you do follow them, you will greatly enhance your job search and your chances at getting called for an interview. Searching for employment can be a very hard task. For these tips to work, however, you need to be committed in finding openings. So get out there and comb the job search engines, hit the classifieds and talk to your network to find those jobs!

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