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A resume builder can be a very valuable tool in your job search if used correctly!
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A resume builder can be a very valuable tool in your job search if used correctly!

Resume builder services online are relatively new in the job search market. For those who may not know, this is a tool where you fill in the blanks with your employment information and background, and the resume builder ‘builds’ the user a resume they can then use in their job search. This is a short-cut method that many employment hunters are using instead of writing their own resume.

A resume builder can be a very valuable tool in your job search if you use it correctly. It is a great tool for someone who is trying to learn how to write a resume for the first time because it helps format his or her information into an acceptable template. But it’s important to understand that the builder doesn’t actually write the resume, it only arranges the information that is input by the user. Therefore, it will look very generic and the writing will only be as good as what the user inputs.

A resume builder alone is not enough to ensure success in your job search – but it is a good start!

Using a resume builder to help in your job search is a good first step, but to get the interviews you will need to go further. Since the format will be generic, you might need to make some changes to make it more appropriate to the careers you are looking for. For example, most resume builders use a chronological format, which is great if you have a lot of experience related to the employment opportunities you are pursuing. It is not really appropriate for students or people changing careers however, who may benefit from a functional template that focuses more on skills than work history.

Using a resume builder is a great way to get started in preparing for your job search, but you will still need to produce a resume that is more tailored to the careers and employment opportunities you are pursuing if you want to succeed in getting called for interviews. You also need to remember that even with a builder, you are still responsible for writing the content yourself; the resume builder will only format what you have written. So go ahead and use the builder first, but then make the necessary changes until you end up with a resume you can be proud of!

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