Using recruiting firms or headhunters to help you find a job is as easy as One, Two, Three!
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Using recruiting firms or headhunters to help you find a job is as easy as One, Two, Three!

Anyone can use recruiting firms and headhunters to help them find a job - it’s as easy as one, two, three! One, you send your resume to the recruiting firm; Two, you tell the headhunters what careers you are interested in; and Three, when they find a job you’d be qualified for, they negotiate your salary for you!

Recruiting firms and headhunters are always on the lookout for new resumes they can add to their databases. When they have a job to fill they search through their database to find suitable candidates. Make sure to send your resume via email, in both the body and as an attachment. It will also help your career search if you make sure to stuff it full of searchable keywords – remember that it will be going into the recruiter's database!

Recruiting firms and headhunters can find a job for you once you submit your resume to their database!

After submitting your resume, you should give the recruiting firm a follow-up phone call to further explain what kind of job you are interested in. During the call tell the headhunters exactly what kind of career you are looking for, what companies you are interested in and your salary requirements. They will add this to your file so that when your resume comes up during a search, they will have all the pertinent information at their fingertips.

Lastly, when the recruiting firm calls with a possible job opening, get set for even more help! Their headhunters will set up an interview for you, prep you for it, and if all goes well, they will usually negotiate your salary for you. Most recruiters are paid by commission, which is based on the salary they successfully negotiate for you, so they will do their best to get you the most money they can!

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