Types of quizes offered at career and employment test sites.
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Types of quizes offered at career and employment test sites.

If you search for quizes online, you will find that many sites offer various career and employment tests. From a basic personality quiz to an aptitude test, most sites offer all types of online assessment quizes. Below you will find a list of some of the most general types of career and employment related tests. This list will help you figure out what type of assessment you should be looking for!

“The right job for you” quizes
This category includes quizes based on assessing your career interests, skills or work styles to help you figure out what types of employment you might enjoy doing. This includes most job-related personality quizzes, aptitude tests and interest assessment tests. These are good for people who don’t know what type of career they want or for people who are looking to make a change.

“Are you satisfied” quizes
These quizes are designed to help you understand what it is you like or don’t like about your current career situation. They are usually based on a personality quiz or interest type model, although they are not usually as scientific. These is good for people wondering if they are in the right line of work, but a “right job for you” test might be a better choice.

“What are you good at” quizes
This type of quiz includes most career and employment aptitude tests, as well as some general career assessments. They usually measure your abilities and skills in several categories such as logical thinking, math ability, creativity and language use. This is good for people who want to find a job based on what they are good at instead of what they are interested in. These quizes can also help people determine if they need extra training for a job they are considering.

“Are you good at ----“ quizes
Fill in the blank for these quizes: leadership, teamwork, motivating, organizing, etc. This kind of career assessment is similar to the general “what are you good at” tests, but focus on one particular skill. These tests can be both fun and informative since many of them are pretty short, and can offer good suggestions to help you improve the skill you are testing.

“For fun” quizes
Many online quizes are just for fun. These may or may not be related to career or employment. These can include love at work tests, astrology quizes, celebrity IQ tests and circus job tests. While some of these tests may be based on scientific principles, many are not. Even so, they are fun to take and you might even pick up an idea or two!

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