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A personality quiz can be a great career tool, but only when a professional interprets the test.
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A personality quiz can be a great career tool, but only when a professional interprets the test.

Log onto the Internet and you will find a flood of websites offering a personality quiz. While at first glance this abundance might seem like a great thing since a personality test can be great tool for helping one choose a career. But upon a closer examination, employment hunters are finding out that most of these personality quiz sites offer nothing more than fluff! If you are serious about using a test to help you decide on a career, it’s best to seek out a career professional instead of relying on the Internet.

A personality quiz can be a great career tool by matching your personality type to occupations where your personality would be an advantage. Most job seekers want a job they can be passionate about; no one wants to work at a job they hate! That’s why so many employment seekers take a personality test during their search for their dream job.

A personality quiz or test can help you find a career you can be passionate about!

A personality quiz measures your emotional and psychological makeup. By answering questions about how you get along with others, how you like to spend your free time and what kinds of things you like or dislike, a personality test can generate a list career options for you to explore. The jobs listed are ones where other people with a similar personality to yours have succeeded!

One problem with an online personality quiz, however, is that a computer program interprets your test answers and supplies the career list; there is rarely any human interaction. True, these programs were made by humans and most work pretty well, but without human help, many employment seekers are left wondering how to interpret their test results.

If you are serious about taking a personality quiz or test, then you should consider paying the extra fee and go to a professional career counselor. With a career counselor you can get a personal assessment of your test results. They can also provide employment advice and help you research the occupations your quiz indicates. With an online test you are left to interpret your results all by yourself – with a counselor, you will have a trained professional ready to help you find the dream job you have always desired!

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