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Can a performance appraisal based on aptitude test results help managers and employees reach their goals?
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Can a performance appraisal based on aptitude test results help managers and employees reach their goals?

Most companies include a performance appraisal as part of an employee’s regular evaluation. Some use aptitude test results as a way to help set and monitor progress toward skill-specific goals. Can the performance appraisal be made more meaningful by including aptitude test results to help track goals? Some managers and employees say yes.

Steps to conducting a meaningful Performance Appraisal based on Aptitude Test Results:

  1. Identify and set career or job goals
  2. Complete periodic assessment of progress toward goals
  3. Create the performance appraisal report
  4. Hold the performance appraisal meeting

The first step in conducting a meaningful performance appraisal is to identify and set work goals. An aptitude test can be very helpful at this stage. Current results can be used to set a baseline for employee performance with certain job-related skills. Areas that need improvement can be noted and goals can be set.

Obviously, only a small portion of the overall performance appraisal should rely on aptitude test goals.

The second step in the performance appraisal process is very important. At this time, both manager and employee should keep in mind the aptitude test goals set during step one. There should be ongoing assessment of progress. Improvements in job performance should be noted and praised, while any decline should be immediately corrected.

Third, the formal performance appraisal report should be completed. A second aptitude test should be administered and progress toward goals should be noted. The original assessment results should also be noted so that quantifiable progress can be recorded.

Lastly, during the performance appraisal meeting, both manager and employee should review the aptitude test results and discuss the progress made (or not made) toward the goals. A plan should be set for further employment development based on the new results.

Obviously an aptitude test can only address a narrow facet of the overall performance appraisal process. The steps outlined above should only be used with certain, skill-related job goals. Used in this way, however, managers and employees alike can easily assess progress and achievement by comparing before and after assessment results for specific skill-sets.

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