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How online quizes and tests classify personality types (or, Why am I an ESFJ?)
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How online quizes and tests classify personality types (or, Why am I an ESFJ?)

You took all the online quizes and tests you could find and they said you’re an ESFJ, an ISTJ or an ESTP, right?  Then you read about the personality types, but are wondering how these online quizes came up with them? The personality types used in many online tests are actually based on the very famous and respected Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality assessment test.

Online quizes and tests based on the MBTI use four general sets of traits to classify people into 16 different personality types. This method was created by Katherine Briggs and Isabel Briggs-Myers and based on the theories of Carl Jung (1875 – 1961), a famous Swiss psychiatrist. Almost every personality assessment, inventory or survey online uses some variation of this measurement.

Online quizes and tests use four general sets of traits to classify people’s personality types:

  • extrovert/introvert
  • sensing/intuition
  • thinking/feeling
  • judging/perceiving

Online Quizes - Extrovert/Introvert – Where is your energy naturally directed?
Online quizes divide people into E’s or I’s based on where they like to direct their energy. Tests often show that Extroverted personality types prefer to direct their energy outward and usually toward other people, while Introverts like to direct their energy inward toward their own thoughts and interests.

Online Quizes - Sensing/Intuition – What do you naturally notice and remember?
Online quizes and tests define Sensing personality types as detail-oriented, realistic and reliable workers whereas Intuitive personalities focus on the “big picture” and are inventive. According to most surveys, sensors prefer to trust their past experiences when approaching a problem while Intuitives trust their gut and like to figure things out for themselves.

Online Quizes - Thinking/Feeling – How do you naturally make decisions?
Online quizes and tests classify people into Thinker personality types if they prefer to make logical decisions based on facts, sometimes regardless of how it affects others. Conversely, a personality inventory or assessment will usually classify Feelers as those who like to make decisions base on their feelings, beliefs and how others will be affected.

Online Quizes - Judging/Perceiving – Where are you naturally most comfortable?
Online quizes and tests categorize Judgers as those who prefer to live and work in organized, structured and predictable environments. Perceivers on the other hand are classified as those who prefer flexible, non-conforming environments, like to keep their options open and are proud of their ability to adapt.

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