Learn the features of and how you can use them to find many more job listings than your local classifieds!
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Learn the features of and how you can use them to find many more job listings than your local classifieds! is probably one of the most popular job search engines online today! They have so many more job listings than your local classifieds, as well as pages of helpful articles for a successful job search. Learn about all the career and employment resources you can find at by reading this review. If you want tons of job listings and great career advice, put down those classifieds and check out this article!

The most obvious feature of is their “search jobs” options. This is where you can search their job listings just like an electronic version of the classifieds. You can search by employment keyword, career type, city or state. You can also limit your search by noting keywords that should be omitted from your search. If you find an opening you would like to apply to, you can print the job info, save your search or send your resume directly to the listed employer. But be aware, you will first need to create an account to use most of these extra features. Don’t worry though, creating an account on is free!

Use to get job listings and career advice that you can’t get from your local classifieds!

Besides’s many job listings, they also offer a couple of other services that a regular classifieds section does not! You can choose to “network now” where you can network with others in your field of employment. You can also “get career advice” where you can read articles on almost any job related topic from resume advice to work at home ideas! You will need to create a free account to access the networking features, but not for the career and employment advice section.

In our opinion, the strongest feature of is the “get career advice” section. Although it doesn’t contain job listings like the classifieds section under “search jobs,” it does link you to thousands of employment related articles. There are six main topics, which include resume tips, interviewing, salary info, discussion, tools and relocating. Each one of these main topics contains subcategories offering thousands of pages of advice. This makes a great place to visit if you have any questions during your job search!

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