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Money making ideas: Franchise vs. “Turnkey” Business Opportunities
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Money making ideas: Franchise vs. “Turnkey” Business Opportunities

If you are looking for some money making ideas you should consider starting your own business. Having your own business allows you to set your own hours, determine your own salary and be your own boss! Thousands of people each year achieve financial independence through self employment – don’t you deserve to be one of them? Check out these two types of money making ideas as a way to start your own business.

Franchises offer proven money making ideas that you must follow to the letter; turnkey businesses provide the framework with which to build your own business.

A franchise offers money making ideas that have already been proven to work. When you buy into a franchise, you are buying into a long-term relationship with the parent company. You must support the proven system and are not allowed to bring any creativity to the job. You must pay a franchise fee and annual royalties to remain in business. In return, the franchisor provides everything you need to succeed including training, advertising, store design and business support. You are in business for yourself but not by yourself with a franchise.

A “turnkey” business opportunity is very different. These are money making ideas that you purchase in order to learn how to go into business by yourself. You can work at home or choose a more traditional career – it’s up to you! You get instructions and materials to start your own business, but don’t usually get ongoing support since you only pay a one-time fee. They are called “turnkey” because you get everything you will need so that you can just “turn the key” to start your business. You need to investigate these opportunities closely since most can be quite costly and do not usually offer a refund. However, a turnkey business can be a great way to achieve self employment and be your own boss!

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