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Can you really get money for nothing by starting a work at home Internet business?
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Can you really get money for nothing by starting a work at home Internet business?

Can you really make money for nothing with a work at home business on the Internet? If you believe most of the hyped-up advertising claiming to have the easy answer to getting rich quick – then yes. But in reality, there is no such thing as money for nothing. Even the easiest work at home business schemes still require some amount of work!

While you can’t make money for nothing, there are some work at home business ideas that come close.

Surf for cash programs can seem like money for nothing if you work at home and spend a lot of time on the Internet anyway. With these programs you sign up to look at advertisers web pages, click on special links and sometimes read emails sent to your inbox. You get paid for visiting business websites and buying products or signing up for free stuff.

While this may sound easy, you really need to keep on top of things if you are going to make money for nothing (or for very little in this case). Most of the free things you sign up for are trial offers, so if you don’t want the service or product, you need to make sure to cancel your trial subscription before you are charged. Also, it’s pretty tough to turn this into a worth-while work at home business since viewing web pages pays about $0.02 per paid page viewed and not all pages are pay pages. It can earn you a little extra income on the side, however, if you spend a lot of time shopping online since you can get cash back on things you might buy anyway.

Completing online surveys is another way that might feel like money for nothing. Some surveys pay participants ($5 - $10), some enter them in a drawing and others do not pay at all. Some people claim that they complete surveys as a work at home business, but this is actually pretty rare. Paid surveys usually take a long time to complete (an hour or more) and there is no guarantee as to how many paid surveys you will qualify for. You can earn a little extra income with surveys, but don’t plan on getting rich.

So, if you want money for nothing, you could try a work at home Internet business. Surf for cash programs and online surveys offer the chance for earning a little extra income with a minimal amount of work, but you probably won’t get rich with either of these two options. The general rule for employment, even for a work at home career, is that the more work, time and knowledge required then the higher the chances for a healthy profit.

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