Looking for jobs? Then read this review of a top employment website:
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Looking for jobs? Then read this review of a top employment website:

If you are searching for jobs on the Internet, you won’t want to miss one of the largest employment sites on the web: Career Builder. This review will introduce you to some of the basic features they have to offer including posting resumes, finding sample cover letters, getting relocation advice and much more! So just read this short article to learn what searching for jobs is like at a top employment website like Career Builder.

Career Builder claims to be the number one place for jobs online, and they may just be right. Claiming over 900,000 employment listings, they should definitely be on your career search list! Their home page has a quick search feature where you can look up jobs by keyword, city, state or category. When you get your search results, they contain a title and description excerpt making it easy to decide which listings deserve a closer look.

Find jobs, employment advice and much more at Career Builder!

Besides helping you search for jobs, Career Builder offers many other employment related topics for your career search. You can post resumes, save searches under ‘my career builder,’ get information on upcoming career fairs and read advice for 12 different job search topics like relocation help, salary considerations, 401(k) rollover information and even work from home job ideas!

Career Builder in general is very easy to navigate. Besides the quick jobs search, their home page has tabs at the top corresponding to employment related sections of their site, and in turn, each section has very easy to use subcategories. Whether it is posting resumes or trying to find sample cover letters, you don’t have to go very deep into their site to find what you are looking for!

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