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Which job search engines have the most careers and best employment help? Find out right here!
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Which job search engines have the most careers and best employment help? Find out right here!

There are so many job search engines available. Each one claims to have the most careers to search and the best employment advice. But which ones are worth your time, and which ones are just a waste? Find out here as we compare and contrast three of the largest job search engines: Career Builder, and Hot Jobs. Find out which has the most searchable careers and which offers the best employment advice!

Of all the popular job search engines, Career Builder seems to have the most careers and employment  opportunities to pick from with over 900,000 jobs. comes in at a very close second with over 800,000 openings listed. Both of these numbers come directly from each sites’ press information. Hot Jobs does not list a number of jobs available, but their home page indicates " thousands of jobs.”

Check out the three top job search engines for the best chance at finding the most careers and best employment help for your job search!

As far as search options, all three job search engines allow users to search careers using virtually the same employment search options such as keyword, job category, city and state. Both Career Builder and Hot Jobs offer a “quick search” option right on their home page. For, users must click on the “Search Jobs” link on their home page.

All three job search engines offer employment advice for finding new careers, but seems to be the leader in this category. They have thousands of pages of career info and advice, mostly located in their Career Advice section. Hot jobs also has a ton of help pages. Career Builder has a resource section, but most links go to services offered by their partner sites.

In summary, all three job search engines have something to offer employment seekers searching for new careers:

  • Career Builder – The most openings with over 900,000
  • – The most career advice articles
  • Hot Jobs – Very smooth search engine; a third option to find jobs

It is our opinion that job hunters should check out all three of these top job search engines. Career Builder seems to offer the most careers to search and their search results seem to be the most targeted. Hot Jobs, although offering less searchable positions does turn up different results than Career Builder and it does have fairly smooth search features, so it is worth checking out. on the other hand, is the best place to search for articles about various employment topics. All three offer free search services so there is nothing to lose by trying all three. That way you can make up your own mind about which you like the best!

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