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Three methods for writing job descriptions for human resources, headhunters, and employment agencies!
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Three methods for writing job descriptions used by human resources, headhunters, and employment agencies!

Writing job descriptions can be tedious work, but almost all human resources, headhunters and staffing personnel need to know how to accomplish this important task. If your company is too achieve their goals of equality and consistency in the workplace, then writing good job descriptions is a must. The following methods outline ways that human resources personnel, staffing headhunters, employment agencies and management firms can tackle this important task!

Surprisingly, the best method for writing job descriptions does not directly involve human resources or headhunters at all. Instead, assign the task to the position’s direct supervisor. This puts the task into the hands of the manager directly responsible for the position. Give them some sample job descriptions to look at, too. This will help them generate ideas as well as give them a format to follow.

Assign direct supervisors the task of creating job descriptions. This takes the burden off human resources personnel or headhunters who are not as well informed about the job’s requirements.

Another method for creating good job descriptions is to reference the US Government Printing Office’s “Dictionary of Occupational Titles.” This invaluable reference can give human resources, headhunters or employment agencies a very good, general idea of job titles, tasks and education required for over 12,000 common positions. This reference should be readily available in the local library or online.

A third, but just as valuable method for making job descriptions is to use the Internet. Human resources personnel can do an online job search for positions similar to the one in question. This allows them to see what other headhunters and employment agencies are writing, providing great examples to use when writing their own descriptions.

Writing accurate job descriptions is an important task for human resources departments, private headhunters and employment agencies. By outlining the job title, location information, responsibilities involved and required education level, they help insure that the company will experience equality and consistency across the board. Using one of the three methods listed above should provide a good start in reaching this goal.

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