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How to make a resume that will have human resources managers calling you to interview!
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How to make a resume that will have human resources managers calling you to interview!

How to make a resume that will have human resources managers calling you is easy as one, two, three. Best of all, most of your career search competitors don’t know about these easy steps. This means more employment opportunities for you! So read on and learn how to make a resume that will blow the socks off the folks in human resources!

One: How to make a resume that will catch the eye of the human resources manager.

Your resume has to be visually appealing before a hiring manager will even read it – anything else, no matter how well written, will get rejected! Use a simple, very clean looking structure with plenty of white space between sections. Make sure everything is easy to read. Times New Roman or Arial 11 pt fonts are two good choices; more artistic fonts are usually rejected automatically because they are too hard to read. Avoid paragraphs; choose bulleted lists instead. And lastly, make sure there are absolutely no errors: no spelling errors, no grammatical errors, no typographical errors – no errors at all!

Two: How to make a resume that will impress the human resources manager.

Research shows that your resume will only have 10 to 15 seconds to impress a hiring manager before they make a decision on whether to continue reading or not. That means the first section of your resume has to really sizzle or else all your hard work will have been for nothing! Instead of an objective, start off with a qualifications summary consisting of several concise statements that focus on the most important abilities, accomplishments, and qualities you have to offer (be sure to leave out all personal pronouns, I, me, you, etc, and other non-essential words). This may be the only section the hiring manager reads, so make it strong and convincing!

Three: How to make a resume that will convince the human resources manager that you are the one.

The closer your resume matches the job listing, the more likely you are to be interviewed. You need to research what the prospective employer is looking for in their perfect candidate. Search job openings that appeal to you and then use them to tailor your resume to the specific opening you are applying for. You need to appeal to the employer and convince them that you are that perfect candidate. With a little effort to tailor each resume you send out to focus on the needs of the employer, you can beat our many other candidates who have better qualifications than you!

By following these three steps on how to make a resume, you will have human resources managers calling you for interviews in no time. Make sure that your resume is visually appealing and really catches the eye so that yours is the one they want to read first. Then, hit them right away with your skills and abilities in the qualifications summary. Last, convince them that you are right for the job with your targeted content. Following these simple steps will ensure a winning resume!

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