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Hot Jobs vs. Which is one is best for your job search?
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Hot Jobs vs. Which is one is best for your job search?

Hot Jobs and are two of the most popular job search sites online today. But which one is the best place for you to find career openings, employment advice or work at home options? Read on to find out the differences between Hot Jobs and so you can make an informed choice about which job search engine to use.

Both Hot Jobs and are designed to help you find job openings with their job search features. Both sites allow you to complete a basic search based on career type, employment keyword and geographic region. Monster also allows you to search by company name. Hot Jobs has a quick search feature right on their home page, while on you need to click a link on their home page to reach their job search section.

Both Hot Jobs and offer job search services that could help you land your next dream job!

Hot Jobs results are easier to read than job search results, but with Monster you have the option of seeing a short description of the job along with the title. This is a trade-off since Hot Jobs neatly lists the job title, company name, location, salary range, and date posted for each result in an easy-to-read format, while Monster lists date posted, short description, company, and location. Although the short description is useful in helping you decide whether you want to see more about a certain position, it appears that they let the employer decide if they want their listing to be bolded, underlined, or starred, and some of the descriptions appear to include HTML code, which makes their list look like a visual disaster. Lastly, Hot Jobs result pages list 50 postings per page, while Monster only lists 25.

Based on this information, our suggestion is to try out both Hot Jobs and and see which job search engine you prefer. Both sites will be helpful in finding you a career, and each site offers different employment opportunities for the same search. Both are free, and both offer extensive help sections with many articles on various topics including resume help, work at home ideas, and interviewing tips.

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