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If you want home employment to work, you need to convince your boss you can take care of business!
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If you want home employment to work, you need to convince your boss you can take care of business!

If your company already offers home employment options, it should be pretty easy to convince your boss to allow you to work from home. It will be up to you to prove that you can manage yourself and complete your assignments on time. But if your business does not currently offer a home employment program, your task is going to be much harder. You will need to convince your supervisors that allowing you to work from home will be good for the company, and that you will be able to take care of business at least as well as you do when you’re in the office.

The biggest concern managers have about home employment is that they will not be able to directly oversee your work. To overcome this, you will need to show them that letting you conduct business from your home will benefit the company in some manner. Too many employees cite the benefits to their own career such as time with the kids, less traffic and so on. Managers don’t want to know how you will benefit; they need to know how it will help the company’s efficiency or ability to make money instead.

When you first propose home employment, prove you can work from home and still benefit the business through a trial run.

When you first broach the topic of home employment with your boss, it is best to take things slow. Propose a trial run where you will work from home for a few months, and after this they can evaluate how it has affected the business. Take the time to measure your current level of productivity while in the office; this could be the number of customer calls, pages written, sales volume or hours per project you complete while in the office. This baseline information gives your boss a measurable way to evaluate your performance while working from home versus at the office.

If your boss still doesn’t like the idea of home employment, you will need to be persistent but subtle. Start by taking work home over the weekend. This way you can demonstrate your ability to work at home and get things done that help the business. Impress your supervisor with your productivity while out of the office. If they still say no, you will need to find out their exact reasons. Ask them what you can do to improve your performance or what training you might need in order to earn the right to work offsite. This will show them that you are taking it seriously and are not just trying to get out of work so you can watch your daily soaps! Keep at it and you will succeed!

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