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Basic types of home businesses that can help people make money through self employment.
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Basic types of home businesses that can help people make money through self employment.

There are basically three types of home businesses that people can use to make money: they are network marketing, freelance work and business ownership. All three types of self employment offer great career advantages, but each also carries its own distinct disadvantages as well. It is up to you to decide which category of home businesses would be the best way for you to make money and enjoy the freedom of self employment.

Three basic types of home businesses where you can make money and transition to self employment:

1. Network Marketing

Not only do network marketing home businesses make money, but they also offer an easy and cheap way to transition into self employment. With most plans you become an independent sales person to sell products and recruit other people into the business. Most require an initial investment to start and then a small monthly fee. You make money from the products you sell, as well as a commission on the products your recruits sell. This type of career is not for everyone, however. To succeed you usually need to be a good salesperson and enjoy selling. If you decide to join a network marketing company, make sure you research their products, prices, commission structure and training program. There are many great companies out there, but there are also a few bad apples that make money from signing people up and then providing inferior products and little support so they quit. Avoid these types of programs.

2. Freelance / Contract Work

Freelance and contract home businesses are a great way to make money and sample self employment. This is for those with specialized skills that may not require regular work hours such as web designers, bookkeepers, artists, technical writers and bilingual translators. These careers have very marketable skills that companies need, but they don’t necessarily need someone as a permanent employee so they contract work out instead. This type of stay at home career offers a lot of flexibility since you would get to decide when you would like to work. On the flipside, you would be responsible for your own insurance and benefits, and you would need to successfully market your services. Possible marketing partners could be temporary staffing agencies and recruiters who specialize in helping freelancers find work.

3. Business Ownership

This category includes most traditional home businesses including daycare, financial planning, tutoring, publishing and computer repair. This could be a very rewarding way to make money through self employment if you are up to the challenge. It takes a lot of desire and will power to succeed in business, but those who stick with it and dedicate themselves to success are often rewarded with a career they love, a great feeling of accomplishment and a substantial income!

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