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Looking for home based jobs? A five-step plan to convince management to let you work at home instead of at the office.
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Looking for home based jobs? A five-step plan to convince management to let you work at home instead of at the office.

If you are looking for home based jobs, it might be easier to convince your current management to let you work from home instead of trying to find new employment online. If your company does not already have a telecommuting program in place, it will be a little harder to convince your boss to let you complete your assignments as home based jobs instead of office based, but it can still be done. What you need is a well thought out plan; one you can present to management illustrating that you are qualified and trustworthy to handle completing your work at home.

A five-step plan to turn office jobs into home based jobs – convince management you have what it takes to do your work from home!

First, you need to decide if you are really the kind of person who can handle working home based jobs. Do you need the social aspect of the office, or can you work okay by yourself? Do you need management directly supervising you in order to complete your tasks, or can you manage yourself? Will you be able to get your work done if there are other family members or young children at home with you? These are serious questions to consider – telecommuting is not for everyone.

Second, you need to plan how you will complete your home based jobs. Your management supervisor will want to know exactly how you intend to complete your work while out of the office so you need to have a plan ready. Your plan needs to address how your telecommuting will benefit the company and why you have the skills to pull it off. You also need to outline where you will work, how often you will check in and how others can get a hold of you. Your supervisors will have a lot of questions so be prepared to answer every one of them.

Third, you have to sell your boss on your plan for home based jobs. This will be easier if you have already demonstrated an ability for self management and have established a track record for being a hard worker. Your boss’s biggest fear is that you will not be productive if they can’t oversee you directly. Studies have shown, however, that most workers are from 7% to 25% more productive when telecommuting. Show your boss concrete examples of others who have successfully made the switch to working from home and prove to them that you can do it too.

Fourth, you need to gather any special equipment necessary to complete your home based jobs, such as a computer, printer and extra phone or phone line. You will need to negotiate with your management supervisor on exactly how those supplies will be paid for. If they balk at paying for extra supplies, remind them that telecommuting has been shown to help attract and retain employees. Have them consider the cost of a cell phone or laptop against the cost of recruiting, interviewing and training a new employee.

Last, you need to follow through on your home based jobs and execute them successfully. You need to impress management with your productivity and work ethic while away from the office. Just because you are telecommuting does not mean you can sit around and watch TV. If you fail to produce like you said you would, expect to be asked to return to the office much sooner than you would like.

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