How headhunters and recruiters can help your job search – and how they can’t!
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How headhunters and recruiters can help your job search – and how they can’t!

Many people expect that using headhunters or recruiters during their job search will be their quick ticket to finding new employment. But headhunters and recruiters don’t really work that way. Once you have given them your resume they don’t become your job search agent trying to hustle your resume to employers. This is a common misconception that many job seekers share.

Despite common belief, you are not the top priority of professional employment headhunters and recruiters! You see, they make their money from commissions, paid by employers, when they successfully fill a company’s needs. The faster they fill a position the faster they get paid and the happier their client is. This means that finding suitable candidates for open positions is their top priority, not finding open positions for the job seekers that contact them.

Successful headhunters and recruiters will help you with your job search, but the company that hired them always comes first!

This means that your headhunters and recruiters will be able to help your job search if they hear of any openings for which you would be a good fit. But they won’t waste your time by contacting you if nothing comes up for which you are qualified. Many job hunters take this lack of contact to mean that they have been forgotten or that their resume has been lost. In actuality it only means that your recruiter has been too busy networking and filling employment openings for which you were not qualified.

Once you give your resume to headhunters or recruiters, they will be able to help your job search by adding it to their database. Then, when a company contacts them with an opening you would be qualified for, your resume will come up and they will call you about the opening. If you like what you hear they will schedule your interviews and help you secure an offer for employment. It is a good idea to send them an updated resume every three to four months via email so that your file is always updated. Don’t waste your time waiting for them to call, however, just continue on with your own job search and they will call you if they find something for you.

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