Your headhunter hasn’t called? Your recruiter never got back to you about your job search? Find out why right here!
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Your headhunter hasn’t called? Your recruiter never got back to you about your job search? Find out why right here!

You gave your resume to a headhunter and they never called back? A recruiter called you about your job search and you haven’t heard from them since? This is not an uncommon situation for many job seekers, but don’t be alarmed: your headhunter or recruiter is just doing their part to help your job search. To understand how, you just need to understand the actual role these professionals play in your hunt for employment.

You see, the top priority of a professional employment headhunter or recruiter is the company that hired them, not necessarily your job search! Most headhunters make their money from commissions when they successfully fulfill the needs of a company with a suitable candidate. Therefore, the faster they fill a position, the faster they get paid, and the happier their client (the company) will be. This means more networking referrals in the future and more chances to earn more commissions!

A good headhunter or recruiter will keep your resume on file, but won’t call until they have something solid.

This means that a headhunter will work with you if they have a solid lead, but won’t waste your time (or theirs) if they haven’t found anything for you yet. Many job hunters take this lack of contact to mean that the recruiter has forgotten about them and their resume, but this is just a simple misunderstanding.

Once you give a headhunter or recruiter your resume, they will add it to their database. When a company contacts them with an opening, they will search their database to see if they have a match on file. If not, they will employ their networking skills and track down a possible candidate. Once found, they will contact the potential candidate and explain the employment opportunity. If the person is interested, the headhunter will sell the candidate to the company and try to set up an interview. If the company hires the person the recruiter brought in, that recruiter gets a commission check. This means that you won’t get a call until your resume comes up for a particular opening.

Just because your headhunter or recruiter hasn’t called, it doesn’t mean they lost your resume. It just means they don’t have anything for you yet. It is a good idea to send them an updated resume every three to four months via email so that your file is always updated, but don’t waste your time waiting for them to call – once they have your resume, they will call you with any employment leads they get.

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