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Head hunters and recruiters: What do they actually do with your resume, anyway??
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Head hunters and recruiters: What do they actually do with your resume, anyway??

Many people don’t understand the role of head hunters or recruiters in their job search. So before you start sending your resume to potential head hunters or recruiters, take the time to learn just a little bit more about how they work and how they can help you market your resume.

Professional employment head hunters and recruiters are usually hired by a company’s human resources department to fill a certain position at that company. They will then go through their resume database to see if they have a matching candidate on file. If not, they will employ their networking skills and track down a possible candidate. Once found, they will contact the potential candidate, explain about the opening and see if they are interested. If yes, they will sell the candidate to the company and try to set up an interview. If the company hires the person the recruiter brought in, that recruiter will get a commission check for their efforts.

Head hunters and recruiters will keep your resume on file, but their top priority is to the hiring company.

Since head hunters and recruiters make their money from commissions, their first responsibility is to the company that is hiring, not necessarily to any one potential job seeker. Many employment hunters misunderstand this role and think that recruiters are responsible to them, like a personal career coach. That once they submit a resume to a head hunter, that person is out their trying to find a job for them. This is a common misunderstanding.

If you work with head hunters or recruiters, they will keep your resume on file. Then, if you fit the requirements given to them by a company’s human resources department, they will contact you. This means that a good head hunter won’t contact you unless they have a very solid lead; they won’t want to waste time since the faster they fill a position, the faster they get paid and the happier their client (the company) will be.

Once you understand a little bit more about how head hunters and recruiters work, the better prepared you will be when dealing with them. So don’t waste your time waiting for them to contact you – once they have your resume, they will call you with any employment leads for which you would be qualified.

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