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Goal setting tips to move your career or job search forward.
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Goal setting tips to move your career or job search forward.

When it comes to goal setting for their career or job search most people tend to fall into one of three groups. Some people are always goal setting and always have a plan. Some never do and just leave things up to chance. Most people are somewhere in between, sometimes setting goals but not at other times. When it comes to achieving career or job search success and being happy with your place in life, goal setting is a must!

Goal setting tips to help you accomplish more from your career or job search:

Goal Setting Tip #1: Make your goal difficult but attainable
When it comes to goal setting for your career or job search, setting hard-to-reach goals will improve your overall performance. Even if you only partially reach a difficult goal, you will still be way ahead of someone who sets no goal at all! The key, however, is to make sure that your goal is hard but realistic. You have to believe that your goal is attainable or else you will most likely just give up.

Goal Setting Tip #2: Break big goals up into smaller goals
If you followed goal setting tip #1, then you have already made a big, hard-to-reach goal for your career or job search. The next step is to break that goal down into smaller pieces. It is easier to accomplish many smaller goals than one big goal. If your long-term goal were to find new employment by next year, then some possible short-term goals would be to identify possible companies, rework your resume and take a skill assessment.

Goal Setting Tip #3: Make your goals specific
This is one of the most important keys to goal setting. You need to make your career and job search goals as specific as possible. Do this by making your goal measurable and with a timeframe for completion. Anyone can say that their goal is to find new employment, but that isn’t very specific. A specific, measurable and timed goal would be “to find an account management job with a marketing firm within 12 months that pays $75,000 per year.” This makes your goal much more real and easier to attain.

Goal Setting Tip #4: Communicate your goals
The next step to goal setting is making your goals official. Once you have decided what it is you want from your career or job search, you need to commit yourself. Communicating your goal to others you trust puts the pressure on you by making your goal real. Procrastinating becomes much harder when others are helping you track your progress. At the very least, write your goals down in a place where you will see them daily.

Goal Setting Tip #5: Get moving now!
Goal setting is one thing, but nothing will happen if you don’t take action. Once you have set your career and job search goals, you need to take some action toward achieving those goals – a good rule of thumb is to set a short-term goal you can accomplish within 48 hours. Using the marketing employment example from above, a good 48-hour goal would be “to get a resume-writing book from the library tomorrow after work.” It doesn’t have to be a hard task, just something that gets you moving in the right direction.

Goal Setting Tip #6: Stay flexible
No matter how much time you spend goal setting you need to stay flexible. Your career situation or job search needs may change. If you get a promotion at your current job, you may not want to start looking for new employment after all. Or maybe you just want to move your timetable back a little and start looking in six months instead. The point is that you need to be flexible whenever your current situation changes.

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