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Is a functional resume right for your employment needs? Read here to find out!
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Is a functional resume right for your employment needs? Read here to find out!

You have heard about a functional resume, but maybe you don’t know if one is right for your employment search. Maybe you don’t even know what a functional resume is or how it’s different from other types of resumes. Don’t worry, just read on to find out what a functional resume is and how it can help you in your employment search!

A functional resume highlights skills, accomplishments, and special training over actual employment history. It allows you to focus on what you can do for a prospective employer instead of what you have done in the past. This is a good way to help convince them to give you the interview over the other candidates.

The main difference between a functional resume and a more traditional, chronological resume is the use of skill clusters instead of employment history to organize your qualifications. In a chronological format you list your past employment, most recent first, with the skills and experience you gained under each job heading. In a skills cluster, you list any experiences, accomplishments, or other evidence that proves you do indeed posses the skill that heads the cluster. This should appear as a bulleted list.

A functional resume usually starts off with a qualifications summary, which is a concise statement of why you are the best candidate for the job. This is followed by one or more ‘skill clusters,’ which list your past experience under the heading of each pertinent skill you possess. Near the end, most people still make a short list of their past career positions and education, but without any details besides dates, names, and companies or schools.

A functional resume is great for students, career changers, and those with spotty employment records!

So, is a functional resume right for your employment search? This format is best for people making a career change into a new field, students entering the job market or looking for internships, or those with spotty or non-existent employment records. Since it focuses on skills and accomplishments over past career information, it is good for those with strong skills but with weak work records. Be aware, however, that functional resumes are not well received in very conservative fields such as law, academics, and banking – for these careers, double check with colleagues or recruiters to see which style would be best for you.

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