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Finding a good free sample resume is easy for employment seekers, but not if you rely only on what the major career websites provide!
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Finding a good free sample resume is easy for employment seekers, but not if you rely only on what the major career websites provide!

A free sample resume can be a great resource to get ideas you can use in your employment search. All the major career websites carry examples, but not all of them are right for your job search. If you want to get an interview for tech jobs, government work, or whatever, then not just any free sample resume will do! Although there are tons of examples on most general employment and career websites, you should follow these search tips to sort through them and find the perfect ones for you!

Finding a free sample resume that you can use is tough if you fail to focus your employment search when looking at the samples posted to the major career websites. Most people start with a Google or similar search engine search by submitting the term “sample resumes” or something similar. Although this will result in many pages of samples for you to look at, most of them probably won’t be very helpful in getting you an interview. In fact, most of these results will just be a waste of time!

Limit your search to find a free sample resume specific to your employment field at the major career websites – anything else is just a waste of time!

To find a good free sample resume, you need to focus in on your specific employment needs. This means being much more specific when searching for career websites to view. For example, if you only want to interview for tech jobs, then limit your search to “tech jobs” and “sample resumes.” This way you can cut down on the number of results you get for other industries and lets you focus on those that will be the most promising. If you only want information on teaching positions, then limit your search to “teacher resume samples,” or better yet “science teacher sample resumes” - you get the picture. The more specific you are, the less time you will waste looking though samples that don’t apply to you!

Just like trying to find a free sample resume for your specific employment field, you should also try to focus on career websites that provide examples specific to your job search situation. Continuing with the teacher example, what if you are looking only for science teacher openings, but are coming right out of college? Then you might want to search for “science teacher” and “resume sample” and “college student.” Results from this search will be even more specific to your special needs since an example for a 30-year veteran English teacher wouldn’t be too helpful to someone just starting out in science!

The ability to find a great free sample resume quickly will be a great help to your employment search! The most popular career websites usually have example after example for you to look at, but only a small percentage of these will actually be helpful in securing you an interview in your chosen field. So why waste your time looking at unhelpful resumes? Instead, use these tips to learn how to limit your search results to your specific job search needs!

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