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Two kinds of free personality test: which will give you the best career assessment?
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Two kinds of free personality test: which will give you the best career assessment?

A free personality test can be a helpful tool when you are looking for a new career, but don’t put too much stock into the assessment you receive. While it’s true that a free personality test can help you discover occupations and career choices that might lead to a dream job, most of the free online quizzes are just for fun.

There are really two main groups of free personality test an employment seeker can find online: “for fun” and “serious.” Most assessments are meant just for fun. They can be found on websites that offer all kinds of tests: matchmaking, IQ, pop culture – you name it. These types of tests might give you a few hints and tips about the right career for you, but realize they are mostly just for fun.

A free personality test is usually just for fun, not meant to be a serious career assessment tool.

A second type of free personality test you can find online are tests offered by websites specializing in career assessment. These tests are usually watered down versions of a pay test or quiz offered by the site. They might have fewer questions, the results are usually a little less informative, and they may or may not offer a list of occupations as part of the results.

However, this second kind of free personality quiz can offer a couple of very good benefits over a “for fun” quiz. One, you will get a much better career assessment from a site that specializes in employment testing. This means you can still get very valuable help without having to spend money to buy the premium version of the test. Two, if you are in the market for a pay test, this gives you a great way to test out the product offered by a site and can help you decide if you want to spend the money on the full version.

A free personality test or quiz can help you find a career by trying to match your personality type to occupations you would enjoy. No one likes to work a job that they hate; most people want to have work they can be passionate about! That’s why so many employment seekers are logging onto the Internet in search of an assessment that will help them sort it all out.

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