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Will taking a free aptitude test give you a reliable career assessment?
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Will taking a free aptitude test give you a reliable career assessment?

A free aptitude test can be a great tool in helping you find a career you will love, but don’t place too much emphasis on its assessment! While it’s true that a free aptitude test can suggest careers based on an assessment of your skills, there is a lot of controversy over the reliably of these free tests.

The following problems have been noted in regards to taking a free aptitude test:

  • Limited resources for getting help interpreting the quiz results – most test takers need help figuring out their results in order to avoid a misunderstanding
  • The developers and their qualifications are not listed for most tests – there is no way to tell if the people who made the test are qualified to create a scientific test
  • No way to find out if the results are reliable and valid – there is no proof that these tests actual help people since most don’t keep data on test takers

The biggest advantage offered by a free aptitude test is obviously the cost – free! Although this low price tag is attractive, people should understand that it actually takes a lot of money to develop an accurate, reliable career assessment test – a cost that needs to passed on to the test takers.

How can sites offer a free aptitude test when the costs to create a valid career assessment are so high?

Many experts question how so many online sites can offer a free aptitude test when it is so expensive to create a reliable career assessment. There is cost in developing the questions, testing the questions, studying the validity of the results and then going back and fixing anything that is wrong. These costs need to be recovered once the test is released; that is why a test like the MAPP (Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential), which has been continually tested and refined for over 40 years, costs anywhere from $20 to $130 to take.

While taking a free aptitude test can be informative, don’t expect too much from your results. There is no single career assessment tool that can give you an exact answer about what kind of employment is right for you. If you are looking for some new ideas for occupations you might enjoy, then by all means take a free aptitude test. Just keep in mind that the results are just suggestions. You need to be the final judge in deciding what career is right for you!

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