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Focused executive resume writing is needed in order to secure interviews for top positions
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Focused executive resume writing is needed in order to secure interviews for top positions

Focused executive resume writing is required in order to secure interviews with top companies during your executive job search. Without guidance, this can be very hard to do effectively. It can be difficult to summarize and distill a career's worth of accomplishments, while still retaining the needed edge required to impress. Recruiters and hiring managers expect to see a carefully crafted marketing tool from executive candidates. By focusing your executive resume writing on past employment accomplishments, you guarantee yourself more interviews during your job search.

The "Career Accomplishments" section is one distinct characteristic of executive resume writing - no other section generates as many interviews as this executive-type summary placed at the top of the first page. Although traditionally found only on resumes from executive job search candidates, this section is becoming more widely used in conventional resumes as well.

Executive resume writing generates interviews based on quantifiable career accomplishments.

When it comes to executive resume writing of the "Career Accomplishments" section, interviews are given to those candidates who are able to quantify their achievements. Recruiters and employers want to see employment accomplishments quantified in terms of percentage, dollars and time periods to demonstrate bottom-line results.

Your executive resume writing also needs to provide a detailed history of employment in order to get called for interviews by job search recruiters and employers. After your accomplishments section, you should provide a complete career history, outlining related employment. Each account should provide details illustrating executive traits such as leadership, innovation and vision, as well as focusing on a record of productivity and profitability.

Executive resume writing can be a time consuming process, but your resume is your key to getting interviews and ultimately employment. Your resume is your job search's first impression and any executive committed to excellence knows the importance of creating a good first impression. Making time to create and refine this important document is well worth the effort.

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