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Finding an executive recruiter: Guidelines for human resources and staffing departments.
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Finding an executive recruiter: Guidelines for human resources and staffing departments.

There are many executive recruiter companies out there today who claim to provide search and consulting services for human resources and staffing departments. While many of these firms are highly qualified, there are others who do not have the capabilities to perform adequately. When selecting an executive recruiter to help their company, human resources professionals need to be clear about what kind of staffing services those head hunters can provide.

An executive recruiter needs to clearly explain their policies to potential human resources and staffing clients.

Track Record

The key factor in selecting an executive recruiter should be their proven level of quality. Just as human resources personnel want a background check made on potential candidates, they should also insist on getting references from staffing firms. The firm’s reputation and those of the specific head hunters that will be handling the opening can be evaluated through their past performance. Rate of assignment completion, level of satisfaction and amount of repeat business are good indicators of past performance.

Services Rendered

An executive recruiter is more of a consultant to human resources than a staffing head hunter: they should be expected to perform a wide range of services, not just provide potential candidates for a company to interview. The recruiter should meet with the client company to develop an understanding of the organization, its needs and the requirements and search criteria of the open position. They should provide documentation up-front outlining their search strategy, timetable, fee schedule, predicted expenses and cancellation policy. During their search, they should keep the client informed of their progress. They should verify all candidates through an in-depth interview process including skills assessment, verification of credentials and a background check before referring them to the company through a written evaluation. The executive recruiter should also be part of the negotiations to facilitate follow-through by both human resources and their staffing candidate. Lastly, the recruiter should follow-up after the hiring to help the candidate fit in with their new environment.


Since an executive recruiter is a consultant, their services may not always result in a successful hiring by their client’s human resources department. Companies should be suspicious of any staffing head hunters who will guarantee the filling a position. However, it is appropriate for them to issue a guarantee of their services, and to outline their policy for unusual situations, including changes to a job’s requirements during a search, a candidate who leaves a client shortly after hiring, and the factors that would cause them to withdraw their services.

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