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Example resumes are the smart first-step to getting an interview! Use them to speed up your job search!
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Example resumes are the smart first-step to getting an interview! Use them to speed up your job search!

Example resumes can get you called in for an interview just that much faster if you use them as a job search strategy. Using these resources at the beginning of your search can save you both time and money since they will give you a head start in writing your own resume. When it comes to finding employment, don’t be afraid to use example resumes. They could make the difference in whether you get an interview this week, or next month! If you are interested in speeding up your job search, then read on.

The good news is that finding example resumes has never been easier: there are literally thousands available online! Most people hoping to get an interview during their job search start out by scouring the Internet for openings. While there, they should also be looking for sample resumes and cover letters, too. As any job searcher knows, writing these two documents can be a long process. Why not look at some examples before you even start writing? Getting this education before writing will give you a head start by providing some good models.

Don’t reinvent the wheel! Use example resumes to land that interview by speeding up your job search!

Most example resumes online are free, so there is no reason not to look at them, and they could help you secure an interview sooner and thus shorten your job search. Try to find some that are geared specifically to your occupation and education level. For example, if you are a college student just starting out, look for entry-level resumes that highlight education over experience. Similarly, if you are an IT professional look for IT samples even if Sales examples are easier to find. The right ones for you are out there, so keep looking!

Once you have found some example resumes, you will be one step closer to getting the interview and ending your job search! Obviously you will still need to write your own resume (hiring managers and recruiters can tell if you simply copied a sample), but use them as a source of education regarding style, format, and wording for your resume. Do the same for your cover letters since most sites will have sample cover letters as well as resumes and you will save even more time and effort!

Example resumes can help you get an interview faster by helping you finish your resume sooner and allowing you to spend more time on your actual job search. They are free to try, and many employment sites have examples of both resumes and cover letters for you to browse. So get out there and find the right resume samples for you!

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