Two questions to a potential employment recruiter during your job search.
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Two questions to a potential employment recruiter during your job search.

Many employment hunters consider using a recruiter as part of their job search, but many question whether the headhunter they choose will be reliable. When you start looking for an employment recruiter, there are two things you absolutely must know about them if you are going to include them in your job search: can they be trusted and do they have connections? Here are two questions that you should ask every recruiter before sending them your resume.

Interview a potential employment recruiter to figure out how they will help your job search.


“What would your past employment candidates tell me about you as a recruiter? What would your clients tell me?” By asking this, you can ascertain how well you will be able to trust a recruiter during your job search. Listen for what kind of answer they give you. They might answer candidly and give you a new perspective on their abilities, or they might try to bluff you, which will tell you they may lie in other situations as well. Either way, listen to their answer and then trust your gut regarding their trustworthiness – and you may even impress them since not many career seekers take the time to interview their recruiter.


“What is the range of commissions or fees you charge your client companies? How does this compare with other employment recruiters in your area?” Not many headhunters will divulge who they work for up-front so don’t bother asking. Instead, you can ask about their prices to decide if they have the connections you will need for your job search. A recruiter who is well respected and has access to a large network of clients will be well paid. However, don’t be surprised if your question catches them off-guard; if they don’t want to reveal their commission level it might mean they are a cut-rate headhunter, or it might just mean that they don’t trust you enough to share this information. Either way, how they respond will reveal a lot about them as a person. Use your impression of them to decide if you want to go any further.

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