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Writing cover letters that will knock their socks off! Send them with your resume and enhance your job search.
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Writing cover letters that will knock their socks off! Send them with your resume to enhance your job search.

Do you really need to create cover letters with every resume as part of your job search? If you want to succeed in finding new work, then the answer is "yes!" You should include one with every resume you send if you want to be considered for an interview. Even if the ad didn’t request one, or the HR contact or employer didn’t ask for one, it's an unspoken rule that you are expected to send cover letters with every resume sent during your job search.

Think of cover letters sent with your resume as another way to “sell yourself” during your job search. Your letter should convince the employer that you are the best, and only, person for the job. You should address the letter to the actual person who will be doing the hiring. Begin by grabbing the reader's attention by mentioning the person who referred you, or you can start with a bold statement that makes them want to read on.

Great cover letters insure that your resume will be read during your job search!

You need to sell yourself with the cover letters you send with your resume if your job search is to succeed. Do this in the body of the letter. You should market yourself by highlighting one or two concrete achievements you have had. Explain how these achievements helped your old company, and then explain how they can also help the new, prospective company, too. If you are changing careers, then use these achievements to highlight your transferable skills you will be bringing to your new position.

Next, your resume cover letters need to end with an action statement of what you will do next - leaving this out will greatly hinder your job search. “I will call you next week to discuss possible interview dates” is much, much better than, “I look forward to hearing from you.” It’s also a good idea to indicate your resume is enclosed, so add “enclosure” or “Enc.” under the signature block.

Last, check and then double check your cover letters for mistakes. Just like with a resume, nothing will kill your job search faster than simple spelling or grammar mistakes! Once you have checked them (and then rechecked them!), you are ready to send them out. Make sure you follow up like you said you would in your closing and call about getting that interview. You need to be the one in charge of your job search, so take the initiative and call them to arrange your meeting!

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