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Approach your career search like a business campaign if you want to attract top recruiters.
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Approach your career search like a business campaign if you want to attract top recruiters.

Job seekers need to treat their career search like a business if they want to have any hope at attracting top recruiters to their cause. Too many people, executives included, don’t put much strategic thinking into their career search. Just like any good business campaign, they need to put some thought into how they will contact recruiters if they are to have any chance at getting a response.

Recruiting firms are notoriously hard to get a hold of, but thinking of a career search like a business project will greatly enhance your chances at getting noticed by top recruiters and headhunters.

Thinking like a VP of marketing during your career search, with the idea of expanding your business, will give you a strategy in reaching top recruiters and headhunters. Most people just send their resume in with a message like “I am looking for a new job as a ____, will you help me?” Would this be a good marketing strategy for a business: “I am President of the ____ company, will you do business with us?” Of course not.

Your career search should be just like a good business pitch if you want a positive response from the recruiters and headhunters you are contacting. You need to research the firm, find out the names of the right people with whom you will need to speak, and create a winning strategy for getting their attention. Getting employment recruiters to look at and respond to your resume needs to be approached just like any other marketing project in your career, not necessarily as just another a job search activity.

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