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The search for career information: Online and print job search and employment resources
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The search for career information: Online and print job search and employment resources

Finding helpful career information can sometimes seem like you are looking for a needle in a haystack! Websites offering job search and employment advice, resume help and interview tips keep popping up. New books come out weekly proclaiming to have the latest career search secrets. With all this information, how are you supposed to know where to look for the best job search and employment advice?

This article lists the advantages and disadvantages of looking for career information online or at the bookstore. These facts will help you make up your mind about where you should look for job search and employment help.

Career Information Online: Job search and employment websites

One of the biggest advantages for finding career information online is that most job search and employment websites are free to use. This means you can search to your heart’s content for information on occupations, resumes, interviews – you name it – without paying a dime! You can access most sites anonymously, while others require a free account.

The downside to career information online, however, is that locating, reading and understanding the job search and employment advice you find is up to you alone. There is no one-on-one help when looking online. If you are doing most of your career research online, you might want to complement that with a few trips to your school’s career center (graduates check your alma mater’s policy toward helping alumni) to help you decipher what you find. Or you might want to visit a career counselor for more focused, in-depth help.

Career Information Books: Job search and employment publications

With books, the biggest advantage is that you will be buying well-researched and accurate career information. This is a great advantage over online job search help since you can’t be sure which online employment information is accurate. You can find reliable information on various topics like resume writing and interview techniques just by cruising the career section of your local bookstore.

The major disadvantage to relying on books for your career information is that they cost money. At $20 to $30 per book, it can get a little expensive. Luckily, most major bookstores now allow people to read the books while in the store. This way you can check out a job search or employment book before you buy.

There are advantages to both online and print career information sources. Your best bet is to incorporate a mixture of the two. Spend some time locating good job search and employment websites online. Then get away from the computer and follow-up with your online information. Take a trip to the local bookstore to see if any new bestsellers will be able to help you! If you keep at it, you will find what you need. Happy Hunting!

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