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What is career counseling? A guide to how counseling can provide an assessment of your employment needs!
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What is career counseling? A guide to how counseling can provide an assessment of your employment needs!

Career counseling can be a very helpful service for anyone looking for help in making career decisions. Counselors can provide an objective assessment of your current employment situation and offer feedback to help you plan for the future. Although specific career counseling services will vary by professional and by the needs of the client, this article gives a brief summary of the assessment and employment services most frequently offered.

Career counseling is meant to help people make decisions related to their career direction and life’s purpose. One-on-one counseling is the most basic service offered by counselors. This will usually include administration of various assessment tests and individual employment goal setting help.

Career counseling usually consists of career assessment and employment goal setting.

Many career-counseling professionals start with assessment testing to help benchmark their client’s current employment situation. This is usually in the form of an aptitude test, personality quiz or interest survey. The counselor will go over the results and help their client interpret them.

Most career-counseling professionals will then follow-up with more personal counseling sessions. They spend this time helping their client understand their assessment and clarify their employment goals. Much time is taken in uncovering the client’s true career desires and aligning them with their life’s goals and values.

Common Career Counseling Services:

  • Career assessment testing (aptitude test, personality quiz, etc)
  • Personal employment counseling and goal setting
  • Researching occupation choices
  • Decision making help
  • Career planning
  • Resume and cover letter development
  • Interview help
  • Ongoing support (dealing with job stress, career change, job loss, etc)

When checking out career counseling professionals, make sure to ask about their services (assessment testing, employment help, career planning, resume writing, etc), their fees and the required time commitment. It is also okay to ask about their credentials, professional status and ethical guidelines; career counseling requires the competence of a qualified professional so asking about these things is acceptable.

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